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Most Popular Small Town

Monticello, IL was picked #6 on the 100 Most Popular Small Towns To Relocate 2017 from moveBuddha, based on thousands of searches people who are planing to move perform each month on their move pricing tool.  See the entire list of the most searched towns with populations under 10,000 in American:  moveBuddha

Top-Ranking Schools

Monticello Community Unit School District No. 25 ranks #35 of 408 on the NICHE list of 2020 Best School Districts in Illinois.  Visit their site for more details:  NICHE Ranking

Monticello High School ranks #93 of 963 on the NICHE list of 2020 Best Public High Schools in Illinois.  Visit their site for more details: NICHE Ranking

Safe Community

Monticello, IL was picked #30 on The 50 Safest Cities in Illinois 2017 from SafeWise, based on crime reports and population data.  Visit their site for more details:  The SafeWise Report

Transportation Access

Monticello is located along Interstate-72, which runs from Champaign through Decatur and on through our state capital of Springfield.

Monticello also has 5 major interstate systems within a 1-hour drive.  This makes traveling to all parts of the state very efficient.

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